Paul Corbit Brown is the President and Chair of the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting the Mountains, water and People of West Virginia. He is a photographer and educator, passionately committed to producing images that further the goals of Human Rights, Social Justice, and Environmental Responsibility. Paul became the first male in his family to escape working as a coal miner. For more than 30 years, Paul has used his camera as a vehicle to give voice to those who are least often seen or heard. He has photographed many humanitarian issues throughout the United States, Mexico, Kenya, Jamaica, Russia, Israel, Laos, Thailand, Rwanda, Indonesia, Haiti and Northern Iraq with significant gallery exhibitions in Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Columbus, OH; Minneapolis, MN and West Virginia. He is recognized internationally and has travelled extensively to share his work and message. Paul has lived very comfortably for 10 years with all his home electricity coming from solar. He does it to show people in a very simple and clear way that renewable energy is viable NOW. His work inspires people to ask, “How can I be a part of changing this for the better?”