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See climate calculations for U.S. House and U.S. Senate incumbents.

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Climate calculations for senate and house candidates went live October 25, 2022.

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    Climate Change Voter’s Guide

    Click on your state name to find the Climate Calculation earned by your U.S. Senators and Representative. Compare the Climate Calculation of the candidates running against them. Click here to search by state, zip code or by candidate name. We have climate calculations for 2022 incumbent governors and challengers also; click here to search by state. These profiles will include an indication of support for Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. You can also find a climate change voter’s guide for State Government.

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    Vote Climate U.S. PAC’s priority project is our statewide, gubernatorial, and national Voter’s Guide that will help you, your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to Vote Climate in the mid-term elections. Our Voter’s Guide goes beyond past votes to assess position, leadership and putting a fee on carbon for our national incumbents and challengers. We need your help to promote our Voter’s Guide. Donate now.

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    Our Mission

    Vote Climate U.S. PAC works to elect candidates to eliminate all human-made, greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in order to slow climate change and related weather extremes. Only ZERO greenhouse gas emissions will lead to a slow reduction in the atmosphere over the next century. Our call to eliminate all human-made CO2 and methane emissions surpasses that of a “net-zero” carbon emission or a “carbon neutral” economy by 2050, which we do not believe goes far enough toward the elimination of fossil fuels. We believe that we must keep fossil fuels in the ground for a just, clean energy economy. We work to elect candidates who believe in getting off fossil fuels, transitioning to clean, renewable, energy and reducing carbon pollution by putting a fee on carbon, in order to slow climate change and related weather extremes. Donate now.

    Our Approach

    While our hope for the future is bright, scientists say we are facing an emergency with climate change. Our political leaders are not acting. That is why America must elect climate-action candidates on the state and national levels using our Vote Climate U.S. PAC’s U.S. House and U.S. Senate, Governors and State Government voter’s guide. Our ultimate goal of reducing greenhouse gases can be largely accomplished by passing a federal carbon fee, the single, most critical step we can take toward addressing climate change. It starts with electing the candidates to get it done using our voter’s guides. Donate now.


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    Thank you to our Voter’s Guide Team: Aditya Kulashekar, Team Leader, Michigan Political Consulting (MPC), student run consultants from the University of Michigan; MPC Consultants: Gabriel Scheck, Sean Shelbrock, Akil Kasubhai, and Ainsley Barrett; Zach Solomon, V.P. of Research, Executive Board Member, MPC; Vote Climate U.S. PAC Interns: Anoushka Sarin, Aditi Kedari and Quinn Jackson; Jake Assael, Co-Founder of Vote Climate U.S. PAC.