2021-22 Governors Voter’s Guide

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2021 Governor Elections include only New Jersey and Virginia.

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Climate Voter’s Guide FAQs

What can I do?

On this site, enter your state and get voting dates, deadlines and information for the general election in November. And of course, VOTE CLIMATE using our Voter’s Guide!!

How is each climate score determined?

For current governors and challengers, please see the details in the 2022 U.S. Governors Voter’s Guide Scoring Criteria.

I think I see an error in the data.

Please email us at info@voteclimatepac.org. Please provide concrete information and sources regarding any requested change on climate change, votes, leadership and/or fee on carbon. Due to a legal prohibition against coordination with candidates or their campaigns, to which we abide in letter and spirit, we will not be in touch with candidates or campaigns, but if we can independently verify your claims, we may change the candidate’s rating in our voter’s guide.