Aditi Kedari is an intern for Vote Climate U.S. PAC, where she has researched, written, and contributed to compiling our Voter’s Guide. She is currently a senior at Mount Hebron High School. She is an accomplished AP student who has a strong interest in climate justice and women’s rights. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and President and founder of her school’s annual Science Journal club. She has participated in cancer research, shadows a doctor, and takes summer courses at Ivy league institutions. Aditi is also an avid classics reader, and loves watching operas in her free time. Aditi first realized the gravity of the climate crisis after briefly living in Bombay, India, a city riddled with extreme CO2 emissions, humidity, and scorching heat. She is passionate about the intersectionality between climate change, women’s rights, and medicine, and hopes to be a doctor one day where she can implement her knowledge about social justice issues when treating patients.