LCV score Life: 96%

Cook Political Report: Republican Toss-up
Roll Call: Tilts Democratic
Opponent: Frank Guinta
LCV score: 2015: 6% Life: 10%

On her website, Carol Shea-Porter said, “The fact is that the government does have an important role to play in stopping climate change…We must break our dependence on oil for environmental and security reasons, and we must do it now…The time to protect our environment and act on climate change is now.”

Karyn Strickler, president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC said, “Shea-Porter was a member of the House Natural Resources Committee. She voted to enforce limits on carbon dioxide pollution, the main driver of climate change and for tax incentives for renewable energy. Her opponent voted to bar the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. That is why Carol Shea-Porter is one of our top 3, priority U.S. House candidates in the 2016 elections.”