Joy Towles Ezell is an advisor to Vote Climate U.S. PAC. and an environmental activist and community organizer. She is the founder of several, local environmental groups including:  HOPE (Help Our Polluted Environment); Friends of the Fenholloway River and TRUE (Taylor Residents United for the environment, where she serves as Vice Chair.  She founded and is Vice Chari of the Environmental Alliance of North Florida.  She is President of Florida League of Conservation Voters and is co-chair of Floridians Against Incinerators in Disguise.  Joy’s son Trey would say each time they crossed the Fenholloway River, “Mom, make them clean that nasty river up.”  After Trey was killed in a tragic automobile accident in 1991, Joy dedicated her life to cleaning up pulp pollution.  Joy, her friends and supporters challenged Procter & Gamble to improve their environmental practices in order to restore the Fenholloway River, the Floridian Aquifer and the Gulf of Mexico.  Joy has appeared on CBS’s 60 minutes, Australian Broadcasting and told her community’s story in the books, “Soap Opera” and “The War Against the Greens.”  Joy has spoken at Earth Day in Washington, DC, testified before the U.S. Congress on the Clean Water Act, spoken at the National Academy of Sciences Dioxin briefing and on NPR.  Her work has been featured on CNN and National Geographic magazine.  Joy is an organic farmer and rancher.