LCV score N/A

  • Cook Political Report: Republican Toss-up
  • PVI D+1
  • Roll Call: Toss-up

Opponent: Kelly Ayotte
LCV score: 2015: 56% Life: 35%

Maggie Hassan’s website says, “Maggie believes that combating climate change is critical to our economy, our environment, our people, and our way of life – and she has made clear that we must take stronger action to support clean energy alternatives and curb the devastating effects of climate change…Maggie also supports the recent Paris Agreement on climate change and believes the United States must take action to implement the agreement while ensuring that our international partners also fulfill their obligations.” Hassan says her opponent votes to block the EPA from having the ability to reduce greenhouse gases.
“The power of the climate issue as an electoral issue is growing if we are able to elect Maggie Hassan as one of our top 3, priority U.S. Senate races, that strength will continue to increase,” said Karyn Strickler, president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC.