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Opponent: Ron Johnson
LCV score: 2015: 0% Life: 4%

Russ Feingold voted to factor global warming into federal project planning, to remove federal tax subsidies for oil and gas exploration, and to disallow oil leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
“Russ Feingold co-sponsored the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act and Clean Power Act of 2007. He is a proven leader on energy and climate issues. These are some of the reasons why he is one of our top 3, priority U.S. Senate candidates in 2016,” said Karyn Strickler, president of Vote Climate U.S. PAC. According to On the Issues, “In 2003 Feingold sponsored so-called “4P” legislation, which would have used the Clean Air Act to reduce four pollutants at coal-fired power plants, including carbon.”