Thank You for Your Donation

Thank you for your generous donation, helping Vote Climate U.S. PAC gear-up for a very exciting year of climate-action. We have big plans for 2018.

A recent report by NOAA indicates that U.S. coastal flooding is breaking records as sea levels rise, fueled by climate change, and will worsen in coming decades. High-tide flooding could happen every single day by late this century. That could mean streets, stores, schools, houses under water daily, with massive disruption. “Even by 2050, the report projects high-tide flooding will occur between 50 and 250 days per year along the East Coast, depending on the emissions scenario,” according to an article in The Washington Post.

Such warnings have not moved elected officials to action. In fact, the U.S. is currently headed backwards on climate policy.

The good news is, you took action, donating to Vote Climate U.S. PAC, whose 2018 priority project is a Voter’s Guide that will help you to Vote Climate. We want to give every incumbent and challenger for a seat in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate a – Climate Calculation – a score for voters to take to the polls in November. Our Climate Calculations, ranging from Climate Hero to Climate Zero will help each voter in America to Vote Climate.

Vote Climate U.S. PAC needs your help to raise resources for this vital project and for updates to our website by hosting a house party. House parties are an effective, grassroots organizing and fundraising tool. If you have friends, family, neighbors and/or coworkers, and a place to hold it – you can host a house party.

Remember to Vote Climate on Election Day by checking back regularly at our website for updates on our Voter’s Guide, candidates, activities and resources! Please share our website, especially our Voter’s Guide, coming October 10, 2018. Thank you for your help.


Karyn Strickler
President & Founder
Vote Climate U.S. PAC