Vote Climate U.S. PAC’s Voter’s Guide gave every incumbent and challenger for a seat in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate a – Climate Calculation – a score for voters to take to the polls in November. Our Climate Calculations, ranging from Climate Hero to Zero help Americans to vote climate. Challengers are scored in 2-climate change categories:

Climate Change Categories – CHALLENGERS

  1.      Position – 85%
  2.      Fee on Carbon – 15%

Each challenger receives a score in each of the 2-climate change categories of 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100 for position and 0, 50 or 100 for support of a fee on carbon.  Scores are averaged for a final Climate Calculation, based upon the following criteria:

Position –  CHALLENGERS – 85% of weighted score. What They Think and What They Say

o   0 – Disagrees with scientists that that climate change is real and human-made.

o   25 – Does not take a position on whether climate change is real and human-made.

o   50 – Agrees with scientists that climate change is real, human-made from burning fossil fuels.

o   75 – Understands the consequences and importance of acting on climate change.

o   100 – Understands the importance of action on climate change as a priority issue.

U.S. Fee on Carbon – CHALLENGERS – 15% of weighted score.

o   0 – Public statements, advocacy or votes against putting a U.S. fee on carbon.

o   50 – Does not oppose a U.S. fee on carbon. No known position on a U.S. carbon fee.

o   100 – Publicly supports a U.S. fee on carbon.


Position Score                                     100 x .85 = 85

Carbon Fee Score                                50 x .15 = 7.5

Add 2 Scores for Overall Score          92.5